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Giulio Ragazzon
Principal investigator of the Laboratory of Driven Chemical Processes.

My research interests evolved from photochemistry to molecular machines, self-assembling systems and nanomaterials, as reflected by the interests of my mentors: Credi, Aida, Prins & Prato. I am recipient of multiple awards, including the European Young Chemist Award.
You can get to know more about me in this Angewandte Chemie article, or from my full CV available here.


Simone Di Noja
PhD with Prof. Prato & Dr. Ragazzon – University of Trieste

I grew up in Puglia where I took both my Bachelor’s degree and my Master’s degree at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, under the supervision of Prof. Gianluca Farinola. During my undergraduate studies, I developed an interest in organic materials chemistry, which brought me to Prof. Prato’s Carbon Nanotechnology Lab in Trieste. In my free time, I like baking, gaming, and watching Micheal Schur’s tv shows.

Research: I synthesize and unravel minimal chemical ratchets, funded by ERC-StG KI-NET.

Shaymaa Al Shehimy ( شيماء الشحيمي )
PhD with Dr. Chevallier & Dr. Bucher – ENS Lyon

I come from Lebanon where I obtained my Bachelor and Master1 degrees in Chemistry at the Lebanese University in Beirut. My journey in France began in 2018 where I obtained my Master 2 degree in Rennes. I then moved to Lyon to pursue my Ph.D., working on the synthesis and characterization of redox-triggered molecular magnetic switches based on metalloporphyrins.

I like to go sightseeing and photography, and I enjoy cooking.

Research: I investigate minimal chemical ratchets, funded by ERC-StG KI-NET.

PhD students

Fabiana Ciocchetti

I was born in Alatri, a small town in the center of Italy. I took my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Roma Tor Vergata. Then, I moved to Padova where I took my Master’s degree, under the supervision of Leonard J. Prins. There, I discovered my passion for supramolecular chemistry. Now, I’m in Giulio’s group to grow this passion. How do I spend my free time? I’m a lover of good wine, travel, and rock and roll. 

Research: I investigate supramolecular systems, which are often redox-active.

Ahmad Bachir ( أحمد بشير )

I was born and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon, and received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Lebanese university. During my undergraduate studies, I became interested in physical chemistry; later, I received a scholarship from the CSC graduate school in Strasbourg, where I studied supramolecular and system chemistry. In my leisure time, I enjoy cooking Mediterranean food, and playing and watching football.

Research: I investigate soft electroactive materials based on interlocked structures, funded by the Complex Systems Chemistry (CSC) Graduate School and the Grand Est region.

Thitiporn Sangchai ( ฐิติพร แสงไชย )

I was born in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. My passion for chemistry began during high school. It paved my way and led me to my undergraduate studies at the department of chemistry at Mahidol University. Then, I continued and completed my Master’s degree in France at the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Rennes 1. Currently, I am now on a mission with Giulio’s group to get closer to my career dream. Apart from my study life, I am a cooking lover. I relax by watching TV series/ listening to music during my free time.

Research: I investigate small molecules away from equilibrium, funded by the ERC-StG KI-NET.

Kaiyuan Liang (梁凯圆)

I was born in Shandong, a northern Province in China. I got both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Fudan University majoring in Pharmacy. I developed interest in chemistry during high school and focused on medicinal chemistry and natural products during my University time. During free time I like reading and writing and watching TV to relax.

Research: I am trying to explore active transport processes powered by chemical energy, using ratchet mechanisms.

Caterina Baccini

I come from Italy where I got both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemistry at the University of Parma. There, I found my passion for organic and physical chemistry. Now I am doing my PhD in Italy and I am here in Strasbourg for six months as visiting PhD student. In my free time I love cooking, hiking and hanging out with my friends.

Research: I investigate fluorescent supramolecular systems.

Master students

Sayed Suliman Shah (سید سلیمان شاہ)

I was born and raised in Dir Upper, a beautiful valley in northern Pakistan. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Abdul Wali khan University Mardan. Later, I earned admission to the Master’s program at the prestigious CSC Graduate School, University of Strasbourg. I did my M1 internship with Prof. Nierengarten at ECPM where I worked on the synthesis of catenanes through macrocyclization of rotaxanes onto fullerene. Fueled by this newfound passion, I joined Giulio’s lab, where I continue my pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of interlocked systems. In my free time, I like doing sports, cooking good food and it’s exciting for me to visit different places.

Research: I investigate electroactive materials based on interlocked structures.


Claire Menouna Ekani
Administrative assistant

I was born in Strasbourg, but left as a baby to live with my family in Cameroon, since my father is Cameroonian. I lived there until 17, and then came back to Strasbourg to study languages. I have been working in ISIS for almost 10 years and have worked with several teams in the institute, which has made it possible to meet people from all over the world and build a great experience with researchers, and most of all, be in touch with a lot of diversity, which I really enjoy. I am a great fan of sports in general, and basketball in particular.

We are thankful to all the staff members at ISIS, which actively contribute to making our research possible.

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Former members

Luca Monari – M2 Internship 2023, then PhD with Göpfrich @Max Planck Institute for Medical Research (Heidelberg)

Bharath Vinjamuri ( భరత్ వింజమూరి ) – M2 Internship 2023

Stefan Mitrović – M1 Internship 2023

Georgette Obeid – M2 Internship 2022-2023, then PhD with Lutz @University of Strasbourg

Daniel Couto – M1 Internship 2022

Victor Sabanza-Gil – M2 Internship 2022, then PhD with Schwaller @EPFL Lausanne

Shana Shirin Valapra – M2 Internship 2021-2022, then PhD with Hermans @University of Strasbourg