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Giulio Ragazzon
Principal investigator of the Laboratory of Driven Chemical Processes.

My research interests evolved from photochemistry to molecular machines, self-assembling systems and nanomaterials, as reflected by the interests of my mentors: Credi, Aida, Prins & Prato. I am recipient of multiple awards, including the European Young Chemist Award.
Full CV available here.

PhD students

Simone Di Noja
With Prof. Prato – University of Trieste

I grew up in Puglia where I took both my Bachelor’s degree and my Master’s degree at the University of Bari. During my undergraduate studies, I developed an interest in organic materials chemistry, which brought me to Prof. Prato’s group in Trieste. In my spare time, I like baking and watching Michael Schur’s tv shows.

Research: I synthesize novel carbon dots along with developing minimal chemical ratchets.

Fabiana Ciocchetti

I was born in Alatri, a small town in the center of Italy. I took my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Roma Tor Vergata. Then, I moved to Padova where I took my Master’s degree, under the supervision of Leonard J. Prins. There, I discovered my passion for supramolecular chemistry. Now, I’m in Giulio’s group to grow this passion. How do I spend my free time? I’m a lover of good wine, travel, and rock and roll. 

Research: I investigate supramolecular systems, which are often redox-active.


Claire Menouna Ekani

I was born in Strasbourg, but left as a baby to live with my family in Cameroon, since my father is Cameroonian. I lived there until 17, and then came back to Strasbourg to study languages. I have been working in ISIS for almost 10 years and have worked with several teams in the institute, which has made it possible to meet people from all over the world and build a great experience with researchers, and most of all, be in touch with a lot of diversity, which I really enjoy. I am a great fan of sports in general, and basketball in particular.

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